Are Bedroom Gymnastics Enough to Keep a Woman?


She will leave you for another man unless you are better in bed!

This is the line that Scott Patterson from Chick Magnet 101 tries to sell gullible or desperate men.  He starts of his article with what he calls 4 undeniable and disturbing facts about women.  These facts are:

FACT #1: 60% of Married Women will cheat on their husbands, and more disturbingly, the will feel absolutely NO GUILT about it whatsoever because they feel entitled to the good feelings sex with another man will give them.

FACT #2: A whopping 90% of women will LIE to their lover about experiencing orgasms during lovemaking to spare their lover's feelings. However, these same women are more prone to have affairs outside their relationship to be sexually satisfied and break their lover's heart in the process.

FACT #3: 70% of men report that after being married, sex with their wives goes down dramatically and sometimes even stops completely. This is usually because sex becomes "boring" or "routine" for the woman, and the man doesn't know how to re-kindle that flame with his same bag-of-tricks in bed.

Fact #4: 85% of relationships end because the woman is sexually unsatisfied with her partner and is looking for a man who can fulfill her needs in the bedroom. What's more, most men will never know this, and continue to suffer one break-up after another because they don't bother to improve their sexual prowess.

The root cause of these statistics in his opinion is that the men lacked sexual prowess.  His assertion is that if these men were better in bed, they would not have been dumped or cheated on.  Numbers do not lie but they can be interpreted in a myriad of ways.  We know that the divorce rate has been 50% and not moved very far from it for almost 40 years so we know that there is some truth to these numbers.  I could dispute the numbers as to their accuracy but there is no point in doing so.  Rather than arguing the validity of the statistics my objection is with his conclusions as to the root cause.

The problem with these pick up artists is that they may know how to pick up women but that is as far as their knowledge goes.  They have no idea how to sustain a relationship.  Their only concern is getting the woman to be attracted to you and then to sleep with her as quickly as possible.  The funny thing is that getting a woman to fall for you is the easy part of the relationship.  The real trick is getting a woman to stay with you.  The man’s #1 need in a relationship isn’t sex. The man’s #1 need is actually loyalty.  That is why a man’s biggest fear is a woman leaving for another man.

The author of this article shows a fundamental lack of understanding of women by thinking that the problem can be solved by simply being better in bed.  How is being better in bed going to help you when she doesn’t want you to touch her?  How is being better in bed going to help you when you have been taking her for granted?  How is being better in bed going to help you when she doesn’t find you physically attractive?  How is being better in bed going to help you when she starts breaking dates, disrespecting you and nagging you?  The author seems to think that women are so shallow and simple that all a man has to do to keep her satisfied is to learn a few more bedroom gymnastics.  Heed this advice at your own peril.  The very best you can expect is for a woman to use you as a sex buddy until she can find someone else that she can really respect.

Although women do enjoy sex just as much as men, they value romance, respect and affection above all else.  In order for you to exhibit your sexual prowess a woman has to be interested in having sex with you first.  Sustaining a relationship requires constant discipline and maintenance and not quick and easy fixes. If a man is mindful of these things, the sex will take care of itself. 

Remember Cadets, the real secret to keeping a woman is to focus your efforts on what is going on between her ears and not what is going on between her legs.