Does He Fear Commitment or Wasting Time?


Today I have a treat for you guys.  I have a real life example of brainwwashing.

So I just ran into a friend of mine at lunch time.  She is a cute little blond girl with absolutely stunning and piercing blue eyes.  I knew that she had been dating a guy for a while so I asked her how it was going.  She told me that they just got a dog.  Now when women get dogs with their boyfriends it is what we call a "trial run."  Kind of a way to see how he would be with a child.  I was talking about another couple I know who just got engaged and so I was hinting to her whether there was an engagement in her future.   She said that they have talked about it and it looked like within 2 years they would be married.  Up until that point the conversation was going great until some brainwashing tried to creep in.

She claimed the longest relationship her boyfriend had ever been in before her was only 4 months.  She called him a commitment-phob.  That's when the light went of in my head.  I knew that this was a subtle form of brainwashing that she was trying to feed me.  I told her that this was not necessarily a bad thing.  In fact I believe it is a good thing.  Why commit to or stay in a long term relationship that eventually becomes fruitless?  Is that not worse?  I told her that it is much better to cut it short with someone who is not right for you than to stick it out and suffer.  Since she used the word commitment-phob, I know what that word really means even though she doesn't.  That can be code for something that even many women are not aware of.

So to confirm my suspicion I asked her a simple question, "In these previous relationships, who did the dumping?"  As I suspected, in all of the cases it was him. You see folks, when a women goes out with many men and dumps them it is because the guys did something wrong and turned her off.  However, if a GUY goes out with many women and dumps them it is not because the women did anything wrong and turned him off.  That can never happen.  The woman can't be at fault.  It has to be the man.  No it is because he is afraid of commitment.

Do you see the brainwashing?  It was so quick but I caught it.  My friend  said that she had to "work on him"  which really means that he was a challenge and she had to pursue him.  To solidify my point and stick up for my boy I left her with this, "You have yourself a good guy who does not like to waste his time. The only way he is going to stick around is if he is with an amazing girl.  I guess that's why he is still with you." You better believe she left smiling.