Is There Ever a Good Reason to Cheat?


This article is from Ruth Purple titled Living a Double Life:  Why Women Cheat.

Synopsis:  The gist of the article states that even though it is seen as more socially unacceptable for a woman to cheat than a man, many women are still driven to the point where do. The explanation given for this phenomenon is because these women feel that they have been taken for granted by their men.

The Author starts off with a clear bias that sets the tone for the rest of the article:

Men are polygamous by nature. When we heard cases of an infidel husband, it is old news. On the other hand, when we heard a wife having an affair, it instantly becomes, "The News". Yes, a philandering wife often becomes an overnight infamous celebrity. She instantly becomes, "The Town Most Hated Person." Once an infidel wife got caught, it’s unforgivable.

Saying that men are polygamous by nature is like saying that women are gold diggers by nature who will always sell themselves off to the highest bidder.  Gee, I wonder if I am making a gross generalization like her.  I say that society is more understanding  when a  woman cheats than when a man does.  The author proves my point when she says, “I always believe that when a woman cheats, there's a far more greater reason than that of a man.”  So basically when a woman cheats there is a reason for it but when a man cheats it is simply because he is a dog.

The author then gives 6 reasons why women cheat but they can all be summed up in her first point which is that their husbands/boyfriends are taking their wives/girlfriends for granted.  This is where she and I are in full agreement.  There is an old saying that says, “If you don’t date your wife then someone else might.”  What can happen in a relationship is that the man thinks that after he has the woman his job is done and does not continue to do the things that he did when he was courting her.  When a man does this he does not respect his wife and disrespect can breed disrespect.  He forgets about the proper application of romance and affection.

However, this is not only a male issue.  Women are just as guilty as men are for taking their spouses/significant others for granted in a relationship.  She also does not continue to do the things she did when they were courting.  Because of this, Men feel the same emotional distress and loneliness that women do and that is often the real reason that they cheat and not because it is “in their nature.”

The biggest problem with this article is that the author gives many reasons why women cheat but nowhere in the article does she condemn the act.  If a woman feels that she is being taken for granted by her husband then she should talk to him about it and try to work it out.  If that does not work then she should file for divorce.  What she should not do is cheat.

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