Can Twilight Ruin Your Relationship?


Can Twilight or any other romance novel nearly ruin a relationship? That is what the author of as well as many other men have claimed. In this particular instance, the author claims that the Twilight books nearly destroyed his marriage. The author claims that the books were the reason that he and his wife stopped having sex for a very long time. Apparently she became very engrossed in the books and vowed not to have sex until the two main characters did.

Now I am not sure if this article is true or not but it is a common phenomenon to hear of women getting so engrossed by romance novels or other forms of media (TV, movies, internet) that they start neglecting their husbands.

Since it is my job to expose the relationship myths that plague our society, it should be no surprise that I am not a fan of the Twilight series of novels. However I must defend Twilight in this instance. To think that Twilight or any other series of romance novels can ruin a loving and stable relationship is the absurd rationalization of clueless man.

The most likely reason for his wife’s behavior is that after he married her, he did not think there was anything more for him to do. He started taking her for granted and forgot about romance. Since she could not find any romance in her relationship, she had to find it somewhere else. The Twilight novel was the one place she could find the romance she so craved. This is evidenced by the fact that the author states that the novels aroused her yet her arousal did not have a positive effect on their relationship. Why? Because he kept turning her off with his actions. Listen up Cadets. When a woman who is deeply in love with her man, for whatever reason, gets aroused; it has a positive effect on the relationship.

The author then proceeded to make the same mistakes that many misguided men make in this situation. First he tried to force the issue by addressing it directly in arguments and then trying to push for more physical intimacy. This approach was, of course, received negatively. What he failed to realize is that there is a huge difference between romance and physical intimacy. If there is one thing he should have learned from his wife’s obsession with Twilight, had he been listening, is that physical intimacy is only a small part of what makes up romance. There is much more to it than that.

When this approach did not work he quietly withdrew and suffered in silence. What he should have done was listened to what his wife was telling him in a very non-subtle way. The trouble with men sometimes is that they just don’t listen. If he had taken the time to truly hear what his wife was telling him, he would have recognized the fact that the romance had been missing from their relationship for quite some time and taken the appropriate steps to rectify the situation. That means treating his wife the same way he did when they first started dating. If he were to do that his wife would throw those silly books in the fireplace to keep him warm.

Remember Cadets, women who are deeply in love with their partners don’t need romance novels because they already feel like they are living in one.