Today’s article is a continuation of my previous article titled, “Increase Sexual Tension!  By Texting?”  As promised, today I am going to take a critical look at some of the examples the author uses to show how texting can amplify attraction.  Let’s begin…

Example1:  ==> After meeting a girl- (Use 2-3 hours after the first
meeting to establish initial contact)

1) "I know you're thinking about me. So I thought I would say hi!"

2) "My ears are tingling...stop talking about me!"

3) "Wow...that's weird. I think I just saw your twin. Are you
stalking me?"

Cadets, after you get her number the only way you should make initial contact is by CALLING her up and asking her out.  It should not be by random texts that just have you talking for the sake of talking.  What is even worse than suggesting that you make your first contact by text is the fact that the author actually recommends contacting the girl just 2 hours after getting her number.  No matter how charming and witty you try to be in the text the underlying message clear.  I am needy and impatient.

Example 2: ==> Lifestyle updates- (Use to keep contact ever other day &
demonstrate that you're a fun and interesting person.)

4) " cat just did the craziest thing..."

5) "I just saw an army of Oompa Loompas. I think short people
are breeding too fast

6) "85 degrees out. Time to grab a towel and head to the
beach. Too bad you have to work!!!"

Cadets, when you send women texts like these every other day it does not show that you are a fun and interesting person.  It actually does quite the opposite.  A fun and interesting person does not have time to send random, stupid texts like clockwork every second day.  Only a person who is desperately trying to appear that way does.  It is no different than a person who updates their Facebook status every other day.  Does that person seem fun and interesting or does that person spend too much time on Facebook?  The best way to demonstrate that you are fun and interesting is to BE fun and interesting.  If you want her to see you as fun and interesting then take her out and do fun and interesting things.

Example 3:  ==> Building Sexual Tension- (Use after you've spoken on the
phone and set up a 2nd meeting)

7) "Miss me yet?"

8 ) "Tomorrow should be awesome. Just try not to embarrass me
in front of my friends"

9) "Looking forward to seeing you. You're like the bratty
little sister I've always wanted.

Cadets, after you have called her up and set up a date you don’t need to talk to her again until the date.  So far the author suggests that you text at least 3 times before you have even gone out on the first date.  So much for letting her wonder about you.  By the time you go out on the date she will already be tired of you and your antics.  If you text this many times before the first date, she will have to wonder how long it has been since you last went on a date.  This does not build attraction or sexual tension.  Texting constantly lowers it.

Example 4: ==> After the 2nd meeting- (Use to reinforce the good time she had)

10) "Had an AWESOME time. Hugs and kisses!"

11) "Fun times! I guess it's safe to introduce you to
my friends!"

12) "Had a great time! Even if you're a little dorky..."

Cadets, if you want to reinforce the good time she had then let her tell YOU she had a good time.  Don’t tell her.  Texting her after the date just to tell her how much fun you had only reinforces the perception that you have not gone out on a date in a long while.  Even if you try to add a funny or a small put down at the end, a woman will see right through this.  She will see your false posturing as a veiled attempt to hide your begging and approval seeking behavior.

What the author does not understand is that a little mystery is a good thing in the beginning stages of the relationship.  She wants to think about you, talk about you to her friends and wonder what you are doing.  By constantly texting her you ruin all of her fun.  She doesn’t have to wonder about you because you check in every other day.  Secondly, a woman wants to think that the object of her affection is a real catch.  She wants to wonder how many other women are chasing you and how SHE will be the one to catch you.  By constantly texting her you are telling her that you are too available don’t have any other options.

Remember Cadets, women want to miss you, so don’t text all the time and they happily will.