Can You Still Have a Loving Relationship Without Trust? Revisited


Cadets, today I present to you a real life example of one of the issues I have been talking about. On August 6, 2010 I wrote an article on whether or not a person can still have a loving relationship without trust. Author Ruth Purple believed you could by really worked hard to re-earn the trust, having faith and following 4 guidelines that she laid out. I on the other hand stated that in romantic relationships (which are vastly different from other types of relationships) once the trust bond is broken then it can never be repaired. Respect is one of the foundations of a healthy romantic relationship. Without trust there can be no respect and without respect there can be no love.

Well this week Tiger Woods and his now Ex-Wife Elin Nordegren officially divorced. According to news reports the couple spent months trying to reconcile. It is reported that Tiger Woods even went as far as spending two months in therapy at a Mississippi Clinic in hopes that he could save his marriage. However, in the end, all of this effort was in vain. Why? In the end, Elin Nordegren said she decided that a marriage "without trust and love" wasn't good for anyone.

In Elin Nordegren’s mind, trust and love go together. She had been so betrayed by her husband, she could never look at him the same way again because she could never trust him. Another very important thing that Ruth Purple fails to recognize that Elin Nordegren addresses is how a relationship without trust affects children. One of the primary ways we learn to interact with our significant other, whether we realize it or not, is by watching how our parents interact with each other as we grow. If you live in a family where your parents have a marriage that is an arrangement instead of one filled with trust , respect and love then this will great effect on how you view and approach relationships.

Elin Nordegren wisely decided that it is better to raise her children in a home in which she is alone and happy than raise then in a home with parents that do not trust, love and respect each other. It is too bad Tiger didn’t think about his children before making the decision to break his family’s trust.

Remember Cadets, every romantic decision you make will affect your present or future children. So keep that in mind when you make those decisions.