If men could verbalize their experiences with women it would probably be that they are wonderfully frustrating.  We men absolutely adore women but, let’s face it; women have their own ways that often times seem very foreign to us men.

It is often hard to read a woman because her thoughts and feelings can seemingly change at a moment’s notice.  It is often hard to decipher what a woman is saying because her words don’t mean what we think they mean.  Lastly it is often hard to tell what a woman wants because there seems to be a divide between what she says she wants and what she really wants.

It is no wonder that so many of us men just throw up our hands and say, “Women are crazy!”  It is this mentality that makes our relationships with women very difficult.  Relationships in and of themselves are difficult and require work.  However, the daunting task of having a successful relationship becomes even harder when a man does not understand how a woman thinks, feels and acts when it comes to relationships.

The Love Cop is a site dedicated to dispelling the various relationship myths out there that plague our society and the modern media.  Every day we are bombarded with ideas and examples of how relationships supposedly work or should work.  Over time and through brainwashing we have come to accept many of these ideas without being able to discern the good ideas and examples from the bad ones.  We just end up taking them all as a package deal and hope for the best.  My job is to serve and protect your hearts and minds.  I do this by combing through all of these ideas to see if they actually are legit or just some naive fantasy.  Even though this site is mostly for men (let’s face it ladies they are the ones who are the most clueless and need the most help), there will be something here for everyone.

The most important thing is that we are here to have fun.  I am here to laugh, talk and share with you guys and I hope you will do the same.  Relationships are supposed to be playful and fun.  So a site about relationships should be fun too.

Here to Serve and Protect Your Hearts and Minds.

The Love Cop.